Church History

Brother Frank Taylor made the benches and Sister Nannie Taylor was certainly the keeper of the door; as she had stated many times these words were spoken to her of the Lord.

From 1936 until 1948, Elder Simms pastored the church both, true and faithful.  The Lord continued to add to the Church such as should be saved; many were baptized with the Holy Ghost and fire.  Elder Simms had the honor of the Bishopric conferred upon him and had the oversight of the Church through the divine leading of the Lord.  Having a business meeting, Elder Robert Taylor, the son of the late Trustee Frank Taylor, was elected Pastor of the House of Prayer, Church of God No. 4, Charles Town, WV.

Bishop Simms yet having the deep oversight saw the need for an assistant pastor for the church.  In 1956, Deacon Walter Newman, the son of the later Deacon Albert Newman, served in the office as Deacon and was then ordained as an Elder by Bishop Simms and later served as his assistant pastor and later as Vice Bishop.  Brother William Brown was elected Deacon in 1946; in the 1953, he was chosen as Secretary of the church.

The church moved rapidly in the Lord through Bishop Simms and Mother Simms who stood faithfully with the church since its organization in 1936.  In 1964 the Almighty God brought to pass more clearly the vision shown to Sister Nannie Taylor nearly 25 years ago.  The old building was torn down; we then worshipped in a tent erected on the church ground for approximately two years.  In cold weather, we went from house to house worshipping the Lord.  Prior to this we worshipped in a tent and when the tent became too drafty, we went from house to house.   Lord yet revealing unto us the great and true vision, when in 1965, we began to erect this church building here on the corner of Congress and Water Streets.  On Sunday, February 13, 1966, we moved in the basement of our church.  Our church was completed in May, 1966.  The dedication service of our church was May 22, 1966.  The omnipotent God hath fully revealed the great and true vision that was shown 27 years before.

After the passing of Bishop Simms in 1974, Vice Bishop Newman was made Bishop and Overseer of the House of Prayer Church of God.  The Lord has blessed the church with ministers, deacons, evangelists, missionaries, musicians and singers for which we praise the Lord.

Elder Taylor actively fulfilled his role as pastor until April, 1979.  Due to illness, he was unable to serve as in the past.  Elder Taylor was still an inspiration to all who came in contact with him.  He remained as Pastor until his death, January 27, 1985.

Bishop Newman was installed as pastor of the House of Prayer Church of God in Charles Town, in August 1985 and pastored until June of 1998.  During his tenure was the start-up of

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